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Recognizing Davis Day

Today Premier Stephen McNeil issued a message for Nova Scotians to reflect on Davis Day, a day to remember William Davis, a father of 10 children, who was killed during the General Strike of 1925. Davis stood with many others that day to demand a better life for workers, and their families.

William Davis' legacy remains steadfast today - reminding us of the strength, tenacity and determination we all must continue to have in order to make Nova Scotia's workplaces safe and healthy.


A portion of Premier McNeil's message is below:

"On June 11, I ask you to take time to remember and reflect on William Davis and all those miners who have lost their lives, their struggles, their successes and their tremendous contributions that helped define who we are today. The hard work and rich history miners have brought - and continue to bring - to this province is something all Nova Scotians should acknowledge and respect.

Nova Scotia's commitment to workplace safety has resulted in positive changes like stronger legislation for mining operations and tougher laws for employers who repeatedly put workers at risk. We will continue to work with partners and all Nova Scotians to further our efforts around workplace health and safety. 

Davis Day was an important catalyst for the shift in the way we think about workplace safety. It's now talked about openly in meetings, at supper tables, and on job sites. And through these conversations, safety leaders are emerging in our communities, on our shop floors and around boardrooms.

Let's encourage more of these conversations. And let's allow the sentiment of Davis Day to continue to lead us to a safer and healthier province."

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