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NAOSH Week in Nova Scotia

This week, May 7-13, Nova Scotia has been recognizing North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week, as well as the 25th Anniversary of the Westray Mine Disaster.

The message weaved throughout NAOSH Week’s activities is that everyone has a responsibility for workplace safety. WCB Nova Scotia and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education used the momentum of NAOSH week to share information with workplaces about a number of programs and initiatives they have rolled out. These programs include:

• The “Simple Acts”  educational campaign which tells the story of how the Internal Responsibility System (IRS) is meant to work. The educational video is supported with a discussion guide and other materials for workplace discussions.

“Other Jobs” initiative, which provides workplaces across the province with a kit of materials focused on the message that the most important reasons for workplace safety are the “other jobs” we have outside of work. These kits are meant to inspire and support discussions in the workplace about why workplace safety is so important.

• An updated workplace safety awareness and education website, worksafeforlife.ca has been updated to be mobile responsive, with new tools to help workplaces assess their safety culture.

These tools are just a few examples of the work taking place to build a safety culture in Nova Scotia. Throughout last week, Worksafeforlive.ca also promoted various injury prevention tools that help employers and workers create safe workplaces. A number of resources are available here to help make the next safety meeting engaging – even entertaining.

Nova Scotia has seen progress in workplace safety; the province is at its lowest rate of time-loss injury on record, at 1.74 per 100 covered workers and acute workplace fatalities have also been trending down over time – but there is still much to do. While some industries like fishing and construction have reduced the impact of workplace injury and tragedy significantly, others, like long-term care and home care, face injury prevention challenges.

Thank you to all the safety leaders who have taken part in NAOSH Week, and for the many great discussions and ideas that were shared. Collectively we need to strive to make sure these conversations keep going year-round.

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