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Nova Scotia Recognizes 25 Years since Westray Mining Disaster

Twenty five years ago, 26 men went to work in the Westray Mine of Plymouth, Nova Scotia. They never returned home.

At 5:18 a.m. on May 9, 1992, a methane gas explosion shook the mine and claimed the lives of all the workers within it. Rescue efforts managed to retrieve the bodies of 15 men, while the remaining 11 were irrecoverable.

On May 9, 2017Nova Scotians came together to remember.

Memorial services throughout the province paid respect to the victims and highlighted how the tragedy continues to reverberate within their families, their communities and the province.

“Each fatality is a human story - of loss, of tragedy, of heartache,” says Stuart MacLean, CEO of WCB Nova Scotia. “Each is a preventable death. Each is a person who should be here today, but is not, because something happened at a workplace.”

While safety culture has evolved significantly over the last two decades, the legacy of Westray reminds us that we must be vigilant in remembering the destruction this tragedy left in its wake – most dramatically the lasting pain woven through an entire community.

Recognizing that this legacy needs to be passed on to future generations, especially the young workers getting ready to enter the workforce, MacLean joined a panel of leaders to share the story of Westray, and the lasting legacy it left, through a live-stream made available to high schools across Nova Scotia. The students were able to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the emotional toll this has taken on a community, indeed on our entire province, and were able to ask some important questions to the leaders on the panel.

Click here to learn more about the memorial

Here is some media coverage on the 25th Anniversary of the Westray disaster:

(CBC) Brother of Westray mine explosion victim relives loss 25 years later

(Herald) Sombre ceremony in Nova Scotia marks 25th anniversary of Westray mine disaster 

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(CTV) Westray tragedy marked 25 years later: 'Pure greed that took lives'

Please take time to learn about Glenn Martin, one of the miners lost in the Westray explosion, and how his family is remembering him.

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