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Our blog discussing workplace safety opportunities in Nova Scotia.


This is North American Occupational Safety & Health (NAOSH) Week, which means it’s a busy one for safety leaders in Nova Scotia – many of whom have come together to celebrate the strides being made while also acknowledging the need for important work ahead.

NAOSH week provides an opportunity for employers, employees, safety partners and all Nova Scotians to remember the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community.

The intent of NAOSH Week, to drive greater awareness and accountability, ties in with one of the goals outlined in the Workplace Safety Strategy. This goal was to make sure Nova Scotians understood what the Internal Responsibility System was all about.

Of course, before you can create better understanding of a program, people need to be aware it exists. Feedback we received from employers and employees across Nova Scotia in recent years indicated that the IRS wasn’t necessarily on everyone’s radar.

WCB Nova Scotia and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education looked at ways we could reach Nova Scotians and talk to them about the IRS, and more importantly, what their role looks like.

A short video was created that highlighted different responsibilities within a workplace, and how they all weave together to ensure everyone’s health and well-being.

In addition to the video, a webpage was created where employers and employees could learn more about the IRS and its purpose.

The video, and its messaging, was similar to the approach taken for the “What Matters Most” social marketing campaign in that it works to remind people that staying safe at work is about far more than process and regulations; it’s about making sure you get home at the end of the day to what you love the most. More importantly it’s an approach that has been adopted by industry safety leaders like Linda Corkum, Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association.

“WCB’s “What Matters Most” campaign includes three powerful words we include at every opportunity. It aligns with our ‘What’s Your Reason’, for working safe,” said Linda. “We have seen a change in our industry’s mindset about going to work when we give them the opportunity to think about ‘why’ they go to work and it all boils down to ‘what matters most’ or ‘what’s your reason’ for working safely.”

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