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Nova Scotia’s lobster season officially launched on May 1 on the province’s North Shore. To support the opening, wharf visits and man overboard drills have been taking place led by the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council, Nova Scotia Fisheries Safety Association and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

Wharf visits include a practice recovery drill, an overview of best practices and proper use of PFDs, and education on regulations with materials being provided to fishermen, such as onboard safety information. Visits have taken place, or are scheduled to take place later this month, in Canso, Petit- de-Grat, Wallace, New Waterford, and New Haven among others.

When the Workplace Safety Strategy launched in 2013, investing time and resources into shifting the safety culture within Nova Scotia’s fishing industry was a key priority.

With the guidance of the Strategy and the formation of the Safe at Sea Alliance, a Fishing Safety Action Plan was developed and is being implemented in fishing communities across the province with the leadership of the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council and the Nova Scotia Fisheries Safety Association.

Working directly in partnership with the fishing community has resulted in strong momentum within the industry, and significant progress that must continue.

Communication efforts have been amplified over the past several years in order to create greater awareness amongst fishermen on health and safety requirements. Because of this dialogue concerns and reservations were shared from the fishing community, including the need to develop a PFD fishermen can wear that won’t interfere with the activities they need to do on the boat.

You can learn more about Nova Scotia’s fishing health and safety strategy in the Fishing Safety Now report.

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