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Nova Scotia Recogized Annual Day of Mourning on April 28

On April 28th, Nova Scotians came together across the province to observe the annual Day of Mourning, a day that recognizes the lives lost due to workplace fatalities.

This emotions around this year’s Day of Mourning were particularly heightened with 2017 commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Westray tragedy.

On May 9th, 1992 the explosion that occurred deep inside the Westray Mine in Plymouth took the lives of 26 miners, leaving a community with a lasting pain that will never fully be erased.

While we have made important progress in building a stronger workplace health and safety culture in Nova Scotia, the Day of Mourning – and the coming anniversary of Westray – reminds us that we must continue to do better; staying focused and resilient on making Nova Scotia a safer place to live and work.

During this year’s Day of Mourning, we paid tribute to one of the miners lost through the Westray tragedy. Glenn Martin was a man who loved friends, family and fishing.


Additional stories were shared through a Day of Mourning Facebook page post by friends and families who have lost a loved one through a workplace tragedy.

“Each fatality is a human story – of loss, of tragedy, of heartache.
Each is a preventable death. Each is a person who should be here today, but is not, because something happened at a workplace.”

- Stuart MacLean, CEO, WCB Nova Scotia

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