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Serious About Safety


Our blog discussing workplace safety opportunities in Nova Scotia.

Author: Sarah Reeves

Sarah Reeves's Blog

Advancing Workplace Safety Education

Over 250 students and teachers took part in workplace safety presentations and workshops so far in 2015. These are just some of the actions taking place to further educate Nova Scotians on workplace health and safety.

Rebate pilot program continues to support a strong safety culture in construction and trucking

Rebate cheques worth nearly $1.34 million were issued by the WCB this year to construction and trucking firms who qualified for the Practice Incentive Rebate Program in 2014.

Educating on Safety

For the last 80 years, Nova Scotia has celebrated Education Week, which honouring educators who guide our young people into adulthood, and help prepare them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Free sessions on eye protection

Work-related eye injury and vision loss significantly impacts Canadian families, businesses and communities every year.

Tips for staying healthy and safe while getting through winter

This winter has brought some incredible weather to Nova Scotia - snow, freezing rain, rain, flash freezes, and all the above put together.

CANSWorks supports adult learners, construction industry

A new program called CANSWorks has been launched in Nova Scotia, offering adult learners the opportunity to earn credits required to complete Grade 12, and the skills needed to work in a variety of construction jobs and entry-level positions.

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Working together to develop a 2013-2017
Workplace Safety Strategy for Nova Scotia