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Commercial fishing will be safer in Nova Scotia. That’s the goal of the Safe at Sea Alliance - a group of fishermen, family members, industry, safety organizations, community leaders, and government.

Since 2014, this group has been working together to develop a plan to improve fishing safety in Nova Scotia. And on June 4, 2015, Fishing Safety Now, a plan by and for Nova Scotia’s fishing industry was launched, outlining 33 recommendations to improve safety and, ultimately, save lives.

The Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council will take the lead on implementing the recommendations, with help from the other groups who helped create the plan.

The following video provides a high-level overview of the recommendations.

Read the full plan: Fishing Safety Now / Objectif: Sécurité des pêches

The fishing industry is an economic cornerstone for Nova Scotia, valued at about $1 billion annually. It is also one of the province’s most dangerous industries. Since 2007, 35 people have died working in Nova Scotia’s commercial fisheries.  In 2013 alone, there were eight deaths; three more fishermen died at work in 2014. So far in 2015, two people have died in fishing related incidents.

The importance of a safer fishery is perhaps most understood by those who have lost someone at sea. The following video shares some of their stories and demonstrates the safety shift that’s slowly starting to emerge within the industry.

News Release: New Plan to Improve Fishing Safety

News Release: Fishing Action Plan to Chart a Safer Course


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