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On Pinkney’s Point Wharf in Yarmouth County, WCB Workplace Consultant Tommy Harper (R) discusses fishing safety with Paul Sampson (L), Occupational Health and Safety Officer with the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education. This was one of many wharf visits conducted to promote the use of personal floatation devices (PFDs) among fishermen including nine man overboard drills.

Workplace safety is now measured almost exclusively by failure – injuries and lives lost on the job, or time lost to work-related injury. These lagging indicators are important and will continue to be measured, but new tools are needed to help Nova Scotia workers and employers determine if they are doing the right things to keep workers safe.

Progress Highlights:

• Work continues on a Data Sharing initiative, which will identify valuable data and develop a detailed plan for sharing information across sectors, stakeholders, and workplaces. 

• In 2013, WCB and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education (LAE) laid the groundwork for the development of an industry-led, long-term Fishing Safety Action Plan, which will help us use data to identify emerging trends. Through the Safe at Sea Alliance, fishermen, their families, and communities will come together to discuss safety issues and develop a plan to improve the overall safety culture around fishing in Nova Scotia.

• An inventory of data available from WCB and LAE was created. This is an important step towards enhanced data sharing between the organizations. 

• WCB and LAE are working with partners to develop a performance measurement framework to track progress and outcomes while the Workplace Safety Strategy is being implemented, including how to determine the measure of the safest place to work in Canada. 


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Working together to develop a 2013-2017
Workplace Safety Strategy for Nova Scotia