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In March 2013, the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education released the 2013-2017 Workplace Safety Strategy.

This strategy retains what worked from the 2003 strategy and focuses initiatives in areas Nova Scotians identified as priorities during province-wide consultations. Extensive research, including best practice elsewhere, sharpened the focus. The 6 initiatives are: Leadership, Safety Culture, Education and Training, Small and Medium Enterprises, Inspection and Enforcement, Performance Management and Measurement.

Nova Scotia is a safer place to work today than 10 years ago. Workers’ compensation claims have declined 18 per cent and the number of time loss injuries has fallen about 30 per cent over the past decade. But Nova Scotia still lags other Canadian jurisdictions and is in the middle of the pack in most workplace injury measures. 

The success of the 2013-2017 Workplace Safety Strategy depends on workers, employers, industry and labour leaders, government, the Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Council and all partners in safety coming together to strengthen the culture of safety in Nova Scotian workplaces. No person or organization can do it alone, but collective effort and strong leadership can and will. 

Workplace Safety Strategy Progress Video 2016

Strategic Vision

The strategy has a vision for Nova Scotia:  Together, workers and employers will make Nova Scotia the safest place to work in Canada. And the vision is guided by four strategic goals:

  • Nova Scotia workplace safety performance will be among the best in Canada.
  1. There will be measurable improvement in Nova Scotia’s workplace safety performance relative to the rest of Canada.
  2. Nova Scotian workplaces will be safe and Nova Scotians will expect them to be safe.
  • Leaders at all levels and across all sectors will demonstrate a commitment to and be accountable for safety in Nova Scotia workplaces.
  • The safety culture in Nova Scotia will continuously improve and evolve:
  1. Nova Scotians will be aware of workplace safety performance and strategies through ongoing, proactive communications.
  2. Nova Scotians will take responsibility for workplace safety and feel safe at work.
  • All workplaces will have access to and use the services and resources they need to assist them in achieving competency in workplace safety and improving their safety performance.

Work is underway now to propel Nova Scotia forward toward these goals. You can view the 2013-2017 Workplace Safety Strategy and the action plan checklist here. Visit the “News and Events” section for progress reports. 

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Working together to develop a 2013-2017
Workplace Safety Strategy for Nova Scotia